Environmental Systems for Sustainable Cities

Analysis Planning Investment Delivery

Brian Dunlop Associates offer comprehensive advice on the planning, technical, financial and regulatory process of integrating environmental systems, 'sustainable infrastructure', into complex and ambitious area-wide development proposals.

By sustainable, or 'green', infrastructure we mean:

  • Sustainable community energy systems: embedded generation, community heating, district cooling;
  • The deployment of renewable energy technology and the supply of renewable fuels;
  • The development of alternative water resources and distribution of reclaimed water for non-potable use;
  • Open access information and communications networks;
  • Integrated surface water management systems: sustainable urban drainage, vegetated roofs, semi-natural and constructed ecological systems.

Current projects include:

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Elephant & Castle Regeneration Project, London Borough of Southwark: sustainable infrastructure proposals for an integrated low carbon energy, non-potable water and data services network/ creation of a Multi-utility Services Company.

Warwick Bar, Birmingham: masterplanning bid for the sustainable redevelopment of canal-side land in the Digbeth area of Birmingham with Azhar Architecture and developer ISIS.

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Wind Turbine Trial, Central London: installation of two 6kW turbines, one horizontal axis, one vertical axis on an existing 13 storey residential block in central London.

We want to encourage delivery agencies, local authorities and developers to become stakeholders in the creation and ownership of these assets; to have the vision to combine the case for sustainable growth with personal and social values to create a powerful case for change and innovation.

The challenge is to do what many promise
and few actually achieve.

Blue Sky Thinking, or Commercial Reality?

Wind turbine pic

We believe that the next 5 to 10 years will witness a radical overhall of existing energy, water, waste and communications systems to secure a low carbon, resource efficient, networked and sustainable future.

With 50% of the world population currently living in cities, and that figure increasing, we offer pioneering engineering solutions to probably the most significant design challenge of the 21st century...the design of the sustainable city.